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Anyone else a fan of street food?
I love it. No matter what country I go to I almost exclusively eat from the street vendors. The food is always cheap and delicious. Honestly, I would way prefer a taco or tamale from a street vendor than to sit in some over priced gringo restaurant. I know people that absolutely refuse to eat from street vendors. They have no idea what they're missing.
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Like it because easy to get, they almost in any street
I'm a fan of street food, the taste of this food is not inferior to other luxury places and I really like it
i do eat Like street food ...........
I think is doesn't matter about food street, as we know for now people makes food business with limited creativity. For example the transformation from food street decoration being a food truck which is can make people interested. You can also promoto by your mobile apps or website.
We often find problems associated with street vendors in many Indonesian cities. Street vendors do their activities in the sidewalks, city parks, cross walking bridges, and even in the streets. They are often seen as eye-sores and undesirable activities. In many cases, authorities forcibly evict street vendors in the name of urban order and cleanliness. Street vendors often resist the eviction and demand spaces for their activities.
It's not a fan but I do like the street food. Sometimes there is also delicous same as the restaurant offered if we are strolling around the street food.
I do like street food but not in Jakarta, more like in Malaysia and Singapore. There so many various street food we can gain with cheap price.
It is more fun if we eat in the pavement, in addition to seeing the scenery, we can also try a variety of interesting flavors, such as sate taichan, if you are visiting Tangerang / Jakarta deket embraco compressor store, you try to enjoy the satay taichan.
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When I went to Thailand, most food I tried was suki & bbq especially in street foods. I think it's delicious and have some good taste. You have to try, but no need to going there. You can easily find in Jakarta.
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