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Anyone had any experience with laser vision treatment..!!
Hey, My son is 16 years old. He is an extremely active person, and he started to wear glasses as he is suffering from short sight problem. He detected with short sight a few months back and got to wear glasses for almost two months. He is completely struggling with them. In these two months, he broke his glasses ten times. It seems like it is difficult to carry specs for boys who are hyperactive like my child. He often said that it is difficult for him to manage them. So he proposed of attempting contact lenses but I think the use of contact lenses is even riskier than glasses. Because I heard that the use of contact lenses could cause irritation to your eyes, and it needs proper care on these lenses. I don't think that my son could take care of those lenses. I guess laser vision correction would be perfect for my son to completely get rid of this trouble. I'm looking for centres providing laser vision correction near Toronto to make an appointment. Before that, if anyone could help me with sharing your experience with laser surgery, it would be a great help. Is there any risk in undergoing laser eye treatment? How many days should I take rest after the surgery? Please feel free to share your experience with me.
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