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As each year continues
We went through a small reset at the start of last year. The ownership changed hands in 2016, and when that finished -- I'd run a good deal of the business for a few years, and that I was encouraged to the CEO position at the start of this past year. It was a great prospect. Our board of directors asked us what we needed to do with the company. It wasn't imposed on us. The question was, what exactly do we want Jagex to be in the future? What do we want to stand for and construct for in the future?

We thought a lot about the things that we are good at, things we have done with all the RuneScape games, lots of stuff we've done with our community involvement and empowerment. We have run quite contemporary live operations with our growth and marketing teams. All our games have existed for a long long time. We thought about this, and what's happening in the rest of the industry, and tried to find a pairing.

One thing that intrigued me was that the relationship in demand and supply behaviors between publishers and players. On the other hand, games are now much more expensive to create. As each year continues, it costs more to acquire users. You need a counterweight to this. You'll need more revenue coming in if you're going to invest more making a match. That is where dwell solutions has come from and why that has so much momentum.

The opposite side of this was what players wanted. We've been in these kinds of games for quite a while, and we have observed the virtues. Players like to achieve mastery of what they're playing, become part of a community, make friends. You will find all these positive experiences they gain from certain kinds of community-based online games.
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