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Can anyone help to reach out a good disposal service??
I am living in Toronto in an apartment. We have an association with the apartment members and we use to meet every weekend. We used to discuss the problems faced by members. Most of our members put forward an issue that our current disposal service collects only daily household items. They have many other junks to be disposed of.
Since I am the head of the apartment it's my responsibility to resolve their issue. So, our Cashier and I informed all the members to share the type of junk to be removed in order to look forward to a good disposal service. The junks include plastics, electronic items etc...
As we are living in an apartment it was better for us to get a bin on a rental basis to dump all those junks that need to be removed for our flat members.

We are looking for a 40-yard bin in order to load all those junks.
We were happy that we could get a disposal service that provides bins so that we could load the dumps and they can collect it on the weekend. - Any suggestions?
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