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Do you own your own business?
I am looking into my options online. I would like to start up an online jewelry store  but I am honestly not sure where to begin. I would love to hear from people on here who own their own businesses and I hope to gain some understanding from it. If you own your own business, share a bit about it and what you did to get it started!
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If you looking for the excat business likes jewelry, you must know much about the competitor in market and how big they deal with challenges and making a lot of incomes. My advice is you try business as base from your hobbies, what your passion inside. For example, I am enormous interested in photography and I've skill on, so I make a photobooth business to incease the creativity and skills around. I knew, I make, so I got the incomes of it.
Too much business ideas you could try start from what you interested for but must ensure the market target and competition looks. The jewelry business must look first the market competition and what a big packaging you have. You might try other such as the digital printing business which is not need a lot of funding, it was good if you have skill in graphic design, you might also got many incomes if you open the place in campus area example.
You can make your own concepts before and looking for angel investor maybe. But I think there is another business you could try like home construction, home design, property, or other that can give you much incomes. You first see at the market needs before start your own business.
You can use the social media for your business inside you just had a website. For example like instagram, so many jewelry business shared through it.
Of course I did. I have a business in marketing service and accounting services for industries and companies.
For sure I have. I did my brand product, it is mybio milk which is the colostrum milk for diet and as a supplement also. I used internet marketing to sell all my products.
Of course, I did. I have digital agency business which is I think that the businesses out there need a digital agency to marketing their brands.
Yazz of course, nowadays I have focused to my business especially for home and industry needs, for example cable manufacturer.
Yaa sure, I do my own since first knew about insurance, I intend to make my own business in insurance platform especially for general needs
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