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Does Anyone Recommend Any Tax Return Service?
Hello all, I'm a new sole trader from Mississauga. It's just a side business and I'm still doing my regular job. When its come to keeping books or maths, it isn't my thing.  So I'm looking for a tax professional for filing my returns.

But I don't know much about tax payment services. Because never used em. But now I definitely need one. Or else I will make a mess. Plus I think the right ones will save more money than their fees. 

recommend anyone? Please suggest someone who will be detailed and accurate enough and affordable.
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Hello. If something goes wrong with a filing, they have limited rights to represent you before the IRS. Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Enrolled Agents (EA), and tax attorneys are the highest credentials that a tax preparer can possess. These preparers are especially good for complex tax planning and tax preparation.
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