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Gym promotions!
My boyfriend is running a small workout centre near Toronto. The gym has only 2 trainers including him. So far the business is going well. So we're planning to extend the gym for females too. By next month we are going to open the female zone with a lady trainer.
As part of the promotion, I'm planning to do a campaign on the importance of healthy physique in women. I've consulted a company for street team promotions, they will be helping us with a team of walking billboards. I'm pretty impressed with their service, I've researched about their prior clients too. Still I have doubts about the output because mine is a small business and I'm not sure about the way it is gonna help to improve my business.
Today I'm here to listen to your thoughts regarding this--how can this kind of promotion help to improve small businesses like ours?
I'd be grateful for your thoughts about this - especially if you are an existing and experienced client of some advertisements like this.
Thank you in advance
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