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How do I get rid of bats from my soffit..!!
Hey,  I recently bought a new apartment in Hamilton. My wife and I were working in a private firm for a long time. Currently, we retired from our jobs, and we planned to spend our retirement life doing farming and all. That's why we bought this new residence with a spacious backyard which fulfills our needs. It was kept closed for years because the previous owners used to live with their children in the USA. It is about a week, shifting to this current residence. In between these days, we noticed that something was hanging around the soffit and it was a group of bats. It's harmless to us, but it looks weird to us. I don't know how to make them move away from our residence. I'm scared to go closer to them because I afraid of getting attacked by them, but I want them to get rid of our residence. One of our neighbours mentioned the animal removal services near Hamilton to remove them from the soffit. I don't have any personal experience with such service providers previously. Can such service providers help me to get rid of this? Please share your thoughts on it.
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