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How is your health/condition right now?
I am a little tired, get rest a little currently

How about you guys & girls?
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Pretty good actually. I eat right, dont smoke, and exercise every day. I could be better though as I always seem to someone or another injure myself. Bike wreck two weeks ago, laid the motorcycle down this week, and put a huge piece of glass through the bottom of my foot yesterday. Could be worse though.
Blah, my allergies are killing me. I've been sneezing non-stop for like three days now, and my nose won't stop running. I hate allergies.
My right wrist hand is a little painful
After working on garden
I am so happy, if you feel
my body condition is not healthy, because yesterday I have installed AC central in one building in Jakarta, Indonesia
Use AC Daikin as an electrically efficient air conditioner
Pretty good actually.
But yesterday my feet burned by the exhaust ... Sad
But now it has begun to heal, because I have treated it with medicine for drying wounds ... Wink
Dermozone - Can be used to treat acute wound, radiation wound, chronic wound, and can be used as an alternative burn medicine.
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