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How to Wash and Condition Your Brazilian Curly Hair
Brazilian Hair gives the owner fantastic hair looks and I guess every girl has wondered to have a full head of curly hair. But we all know that Curly hair is easy to frizz, so to know how to take good care of your curly hair type is quite important for keeping good-looking curly hair. However, once you take good care of your curly hair weave, you will get a very perfect result.

Shampoos and conditions for curly hair
Shampooing is not good for the curly hair, whether you use which shampoo band. Shampooing too often is just a matter of letting the hair dryer, and then brushing and using the hair dryer process is actually causing greater damage.

In order to prevent dryness, concentrate your shampooing on the scalp, mostly and then gently shampoo the ends of. Also, lather up only twice; unless you’re using heavy styling products, twice should be enough to get your hair clean.

The hair doesn’t get sudsy with lather until the second shampooing because, when the hair has styling products, oils or shine serums on it, they prevent the foaming of the shampoo from becoming sudsy. With first shampooing you are removing this buildup, which leaves the hair clean enough so that shampoo can get sudsy in second shampooing.

How to condition your curly hair
The secret is to apply the conditioner only to the length of your hair. Apply it minimally to the new growth near the scalp. On that way the conditioner will be kept from greasing up the scalp and weighing down the hair closest to it, which will result in flat hair at the scalp and puffy hair everywhere else.

Try keeping the conditioner on for as long as possible; the longer it is left on, the more moisturizing it will be. A small amount applied from mid length to the ends of curly hair will add an extra measure of smoothness and softness.

Another tip is to sleep with your conditioner on the ends of your hair. This overnight treatment can go a long way toward ensuring the morning after is the start of a good hair day! For overnight use, you don’t need a special treatment, such as a hair mask or hot oil or some type of plant oil. The ingredients in these “treatment” conditioners are merely conditioning ingredients in a more emollient base, and oils are just oils. What counts most is keeping the conditioner on as long as possible.

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