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Is there any possibility to get a financial help??
Hi,I met with an accident in Ottawa.It was on the Christmas eve We had a home shift, so our Christmas preparations were in a hurry burry. I strapped a Christmas tree to my car roof, and on the go, due to a pedestrian ignorance, tree slipped off and I hit on a street slight!By the grace of God, I haven't had any severe injury other than a scratch on my forehead and nose. Desperately I lost my car, I mean the front portion got damaged completely. Due to the home shift and month end, I'm running on an extremely low budget! My friend has suggested me an agency to consult a car accident lawyer, but I feel it impossible to file a claim because it was my fault. But still, I would like to have financial favour. So before heading to the formalities, I thought I should ask any experts here! Do I have a slight chance of getting any compensation? Please share your thought ASAP.
Many thanks.
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