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Keto Slim Max People in this job used to be
Keto Slim Max People in this job used to be in the 100 now it's weird an algorithm so liking up the chat helps to bring more people to the channel so you hit the X in the corner and it collapses you hit the thumbs up and then hit the icon chat again will be open but I digress the point is that the reason why I believe that it's the best diet of all time our lifestyle is because it's very interesting to not have anything to restore glycogen so when you do when you eat carbohydrates 

when you do a Paleo diet a low-carb high-fat diet you're still reliant on glycogen which is stored energy in the muscle so it's very interesting once that's depleted and you can deplete your  Keto Slim Max  glycogen in a day so people are like should I do cardio should I do all these things to essentially Drive the gasoline tank down to as zero like now just you know just full keto overnight next morning you'll be glycogen to clean it very fast so you're 54 have extreme high blood 
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