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Kids and their electronics
I'm so glad I grew up in a time when kids actually played outside and got exercise. Now all you see is kids sitting either on their phones playing games, or surfing the net on their tablets. What do you think, has technology made it better or worse for the younger generation?
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Same here. I didn't have a phone till I was 15 and even then, texting was not a big deal. It didn't become something until I was around 18. Smartphones also werent a big thing until I was 22! Needless to say, I was able to fully enjoy being a kid. I feel bad for the ones missing out on playing because they are hooked to their phones. The average 10 year old owns a smartphone.
By seeping into every aspect of our life, technology has changed the way we behave and operate. From communication and transport to healthcare and connectivity, technology has enhanced our lives for the better.
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