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Looking for junk removal services..!!
We recently had a home improvement project in our residence, and I got some construction materials as trash following this project. I want to get rid of these unwanted things from my home. One of my friends said hiring bin rental services would be a good option. But I don't have enough time to collect the waste by myself. I'm looking for something different as if I hire a service provider, staffs from their firm should come to my property to remove the unwanted items without my interventions. I can afford the extra labour cost and all. What I want is to remove those junks from my premise without any involvement by myself. I have visited a few firms for junk removal services in Toronto, I have got impressed and pretty sure about their output. But I'm confused to pick one because of the cost of service changes according to different firms.  Could you please recommend any junk removal services in Toronto, especially if you have any experience as a customer?
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