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MBA marketing thesis writing tips
For those who are in the middle of their thesis writing process of MBA, should need to follow these MBA thesis tips provided by the professional thesis writer for the students. Before starting your thesis, look at what is trending, what is happening in the surrounding regarding your subject, it will help you in finding your thesis statement. The most appealing topics are those who are in trending. Find the relevancy in your topic, what is trending in the market or is relevant. Take guidance from your thesis supervisor. The most important thing is that you know your field fully to get help in researching. Try to use a reliable source for the research. Make sure to analyze the data applied to your thesis paper. mention your research sources at all time to make references. Be passionate about your thesis, the more passionate you are, the more you will find easy to write a great marketing thesis paper.
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Writing a graduate-level thesis might seem like one of the more intimidating elements of earning your MBA in Marketing, particularly if you’ve been out of school for an extended period of time and are worried that your academic skills might be out of practice.

Anyone considering going back to school for their MBA, however, should know that a master’s thesis is nothing to be afraid of. When done well, it can be an exciting opportunity to pursue an interesting concept, proposal or case study in detail; to bring together the knowledge, skills and insights you’ve acquired through your MBA courses and prior business experience; and to demonstrate your grasp of advanced ideas in marketing to colleagues and potential employers. As long as you choose the right topic, manage your time well and stay focused, writing your MBA thesis can be a highly rewarding and productive experience.

Here’s what you should know about writing your thesis during your MBA in Marketing.


1. Make sure to choose the right topic for your MBA thesis

The first step in creating your thesis can sometimes be the hardest: choosing what it’s going to be about.

The best thesis topics are the ones that you’re genuinely passionate about exploring. If you think the knowledge gained through your thesis will have a tangible, practical value to you beyond simply meeting the program requirements, then it will help you stay motivated and focused throughout the process. Try to find something that speaks directly to your interests and career goals.


2. Thoroughly review the literature before settling on your research question

After settling on a topic, students conduct a literature review, examining what’s been already studied and written about their subject of interest. It’s essential to be thorough when doing this review, and to do it prior to deciding on your research question, otherwise you might risk answering a question that’s already been answered. Instead, let the gaps in the existing literature guide your research.

Once you’ve surveyed the literature, it’s important to choose a specific research question. A specific and answerable question, as opposed to a vague or over-broad one, will not only improve the clarity and quality of your MBA thesis, but will also help guide you through its research and writing.


3. There are resources available to help you through your MBA thesis

The other important thing to know about writing your MBA thesis is that you’ll have guidance and support along the way. By receiving regular feedback from your advisor, you can continue to refine and reassess your project as you go, with lots of opportunities to fix any errors and omissions and improve your manuscript before it’s officially submitted.

Many past MBA theses are also freely available to be searched and read online. Browsing other past MBA theses can be a great way to get a sense of what a completed thesis looks like, what kind of territory has been covered in the past and what you can expect going into your own. An abundance of other online resources are also available to help students familiarize themselves with the process of planning, researching and writing their MBA thesis.

Overall, writing your thesis is a great way to take advantage of the resources available in MBA school to pursue a topic or question that’s of vital interest to you, while demonstrating the skills and knowledge that you’ve developed through your studies.

source: executiveacademy.at
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