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MapleStory 2: How to Use Mounts
I have sent in videos and they've been checked. Nearly every one of these show clear evidence that there is either hacking or even the usage of macros. Maplestory 2 Mesos one thing you guys need to do is get about the sport rather at later hours once the majority of them will be research and sleeping. These men bot almost all day. Some of these all day.

GMs really cleaned up the server. However, with the current merge with YMCK, the host has become incredibly polluted with garbage. No crime to YMCK in general. I do not refer to you , but 95 percent of the botters now on our host came from YOUR server. This leads me to think that the majority doesn't give a **** about cheating on your server and totally embrace it.

Nexon, actual players botting in KSH has become a more critical problem than it ever was. You should have nipped this ages and actually pushed patrols to be certain cheating from actual players ceased. A lot of the players which are still getting away with it are well over 220+.

During occasions each and every drill hall map is inhabited by these pieces of trash and a large part of other popular maps will also be occupied. Even if it isn't an occasion drill hall is pretty much full of afk macroing crap. It is a disgusting sight to see.

I feel like this dilemma ought to be easier to deal with today that you have less servers to deal with because mergers. 1 check through drill hall will permit you to catch 10+ macroers. It only takes 30 seconds to a min to ascertain whether or not someone is macroing and allow me to tell you right now. Their macros are evident as hell.

[Image: 09k6yhl]
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