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My first Seminar on Cyber Security
I was stepping forward to the last days of my academic year. Our tutor announced that each student in the class needs to present a seminar. The topic that needs to be presented was our choice but each one should be different from others. Seminars were mainly conducted to improve communicational skill, knowledge on each subject and to gain confidence in front of others.
I went home and was searching for a good topic to present and discussed with my cousin who was working as a Cyber Security Consultant in a company that provides Cyber Security services, He asked me to prepare regarding Cyber Security. The next day I informed my tutor that I am going to present the Seminar about Cyber Security she said it's good you go ahead with it, no one had chosen it.

I am a person who is nervous to talk in front of the public so, was so afraid to present the Seminar. I even thought of skipping the Seminar but my mother motivated me and tried to build confidence. Then I gained some confidence and decided to present. I researched about Cyber Security and prepared a power point presentation on it.
The day to present the Seminar had arrived and my turn was the first to present. I presented the Seminar very well, I was also able to answer the questions that were asked by other students.
It was my first experience to present the seminar and this presentation gave me the self-confidence to present others too.
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