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NBA Final 2021 Milwaukee Bucks vs Suns. Bucks first time NBA champion since 1971
Game 5 105-98 for Bucks
at quarter 4, Suns already hard to catch up the score

Congratulations for Bucks, they are NBA champions last time is 50 years a go, wow

Giannis Antetokounmpo is very easy to score, he have the highest & biggest body, its really counting. Also so fast, just like guard/small forward 
Also he make record, 50 points, because guarded by some persons under ring, 14 rebound (double double), 5 block & being finals MVP

Booker performer is very ugly at game 5, often missed shoot

Next year Final maybe Bucks vs Suns again, or Bucks vs Lakers with Lebron
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