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Need advice to choose a wildlife removal service in Aurora?
I am living in a rented house at Aurora. We have been here only for one month. When we visited the house for the first time we didn't found any bats around. Even though it was an old house we decided to live there. After a few days, we heard some noises at night from one room that is unused. My father opened the room, used a flashlight to see what is going on there, and he found a group of bats over there. They were flying around and some bats were flying out through the exit holes. Since we opened the door some of them entered into our living room and we found it very difficult to remove them. Now, some of the bats are nesting in our living space. We found stains from bat urine on the walls and ceiling and fins difficult to sleep at night due to their scratching sounds.

Bats cannot get rid of ourselves because of the possibility that some might have rabies. So, we need the help of expert wild removal services in Aurora. Can anyone help me out?
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