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Please advice me to buy a good brand electric bike..
One of my friends told me that she is going hiking next month for the holidays. She asked me to join along with her. She chose me because we have similar travel habits so that we both can enjoy the trip. I have never gone hiking and it's going to be the first experience for both of us. But I have heard that we have to face many difficulties while hiking.

If we are walking at altitude the hiking can be really nasty. Foot pain is another problem that can be caused by hiking. Walking up and downhill, particularly on rocky areas may also cause leg pain. In order to avoid all these difficulties, my mother recommended going by a ]Stromer electric bike

It was a good idea so that we don't need to walk, we can freely ride through. We can even charge our phone in some electric bike.
Now, my friend and I are in search of an electric bike that makes our hiking easier
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