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Please help to choose a better eye clinic?
I am farsighted and I have been wearing my glasses since my childhood. The images of distant objects appeared blurred so I was forced to wear the glasses always. Now I am age 30, still, I am wearing my glasses. I am not at all comfortable in wearing my glasses. And, mostly I forget to wear glasses and found it difficult to manage.
Last time when I met my optometrist, I asked him whether there is any solution to clear my vision. He suggested me Lasik eye surgery would help me to correct my vision.
But there are some complications involved, some might lose their vision after the surgery, some will be successful. In his eye center, there is no facility to do Lasik eye surgery. So, I need to choose an eye clinic that includes a well-experienced surgeon who had done the successful Lasik eye surgery in Toronto. Is there anyone who had successfully completed the Lasik eye surgery and had no side effects, please help me to choose the right one.
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