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Pre-marriage counselling
Hey, I'm in a relationship with this guy for the past five years. We've faced a lot on the go like we had a few breakups in between. It has been a pretty good year we had together since our last patch up! Last month he proposed to me, we are getting married by the coming May.
Deep inside me, I feel insecure, because I intentionally adjusted a lot to be in this stage. Sometimes, I failed to tolerate him. Even then I adjusted and acted like a fool just to keep this and to avoid another breakup. Apart from every issue, we love each other. I don't know but I'm worried not about getting married but about the success rate(Maybe it is because we had the freedom to leave when we had a relationship and marriage something more complex )!
To sort out our existing problems, I'd like to attempt a couples counselling session before we get married. Only a good couple can develop a beautiful family so I think it would be better to work on our issues right away!
If anyone knows more about the same please share your suggestions and experience-If any.
Many thanks!
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