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The Catalan team, however, is in the mercy of Rome
[Image: 36-mmotank-FIFA.jpg]
In fact, the attacker of the Giallorossi team is landed in FIFA 19 Coins the area by Pique. Daniele De Rossi CDM 83 takes control of the punishment of the utmost punishment and understands pulling strong and angled to the left of the goalkeeper. 2 to 0. The Barcelona at this point recognizes the qualification could visit Rome that is just a goal away from achieving that objective.
The Catalan team, however, is in the mercy of Rome that has set the game perfectly cannot do anything but hold on and hope that the game ends. At minute 81 Kostas Manolas CB 84 threw the ball kicked tight inside the Barca place, in a corner. It is a goal! The joy explodes in the Giallorossi stadium and even if the match is not finished yet, Rome understands that it has the qualification in its pocket. Barcelona is definitely beaten and Roma deservedly improvements to the next stage.I found my striker
PAC: He is one of these players with high acceleration and an adequate sprint speed. I played a few matches with him around the base and then hit the hunter , which attracted him into 98 acc along with 88 sprint pace. Felt pretty quickly then. No complaints in any way.
SHO: I did not really expect FIFA Hot topic him to score a lot, but he also scored 6 goals in 10 Div 1 games. After using Hunter, you will discover that his finish in the box is quite clinical. Long strikes were adequate as I found most of them either hit the rod or were rescued by Tier 1 goalkeepers.
98 Death is no exaggeration and is actually felt in the sport. Cunning balls occur with this kind of precision and class. He lets you take your time with the game due to the kind of player he is. Deadly on break, when thrown through a pass or pushed, I found my striker.
DRI: World class. Initial touch of a god. With this card you don't need to rush. Always give him the ball and look to create. He could pass by the top midfielders with a few ball rolls or merely a twist twist. His base dribbling stat is 91, but combine that with 98 balance and agility and he is pretty much the demigod.
DEF: He has intercepted so much that you can see your opponent has a nervous breakdown through this sport. Such a fantastic placement is all of the time and his capacity to trace is phenomenal. He's 5'9, so it's a bit too much to ask him to acquire headers, but he'll let you can control the midfield.
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