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The safe bet is your top OSRS gold player
The safe bet is your top OSRS gold player. If they are ranked the highest, they'll likely score the maximum points, so you can't go wrong with this particular train of thought.

If there's another player you feel strongly about, give them the crown --just be sure to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of what it might do for your team. If you do not believe they'll lay an egg at the week, go right ahead and take the risk.

Fillers do not get crowns, however. Unless you are supremely confident in your other picks to carry the load and you want to go for broke with your filler, you should play it safer than naming this type of player your captain.

Watch the results

Nobody is perfect. Pay attention to the contest and learn from it. If you see clear mistakes in your choosing approach, take notes and improve it. Look at the scores and pick out potential targets for the next week.

Each competition is an opportunity to our website learn more about the draft pool and which players will be the most effective at each price point. Publish, find out, and replicate.

This whole list is merely one long suggestion, however. Fantasy sports is supposed to be something entertaining for fans to do as a sort of interaction or extra bit of amusement while their focus is off of the main event.

Take what you will from this, but just remember to have fun competing.
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