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Will anesthesia affect my daughter?
I need your take on this situation.

My 4- yr old daughter is addicted to soda. She finds energized having it! Yea, tell me about it. I tried everything I could, but she won't give away this habit of hers. Am trying to snatch, take away and everything in the book to make her get rid of it. Now it has started decaying her teeth and I can't help see how her teeth rot from being beautiful. So I looked up for dental consultation in Waterloo and fixed an appointment at the only pediatric dental clinic I found online. Her appointment for the procedure has been fixed for 3 weeks from now. The dentist explained right from the procedure and how soda is causing her the trouble. She is not completely convinced but I hope she learns the defects about it over time. We also discussed the right type of anesthesia for her and the procedure. But is it better to go without anesthesia? And would there be any kinds of side effects from anesthesia?
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