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nike shoes online australia
nike shoes online australia sneakers build on the highly popular Nike Air Max 97 model. Inspired by running shoes, these low-top kicks feature a highly sleek and streamlined build that warrant immediate attention. The shoes are as comfortable as they are stylish and the colorways are specifically designed to draw the eyes.  The shoe’s materials are also spot-on regarding quality. Although they may not be out-of-the-box comfy, these Nike kicks are expected to break in well. Just don’t forget to size up as the shoes are reputed to run small. Nike has always been a popular brand for sneaker lovers, but when you add the word “Air” right after the brand, it’s guaranteed to make people sit up and give the shoes at least a second glance. And so they should. The much-hyped Air cushioning has so far lived up to its promise and has been giving comfort to millions for decades.
nike shoes online sale The idea for the Air units in the soles of Nike shoes came as early as 1977. Aerospace tech specialist Marion Frank Rudy patented a cushioning system that used encapsulated inert gas. He shopped this idea around, but everyone turned him down — everyone that is until he came to Nike’s doorsteps. Nike loved the idea of Air cushioning and ran away with it. They released the Air Tailwind in 1978 which had a pocket of air that extended almost the whole length of the shoes, and they provided a lot of bounce and response to the runner. Customers couldn’t get enough. After the Air in the sole, Nike wanted to develop the tech further. They wanted even more responsive and lighter rides. The only way to do this was to take out entire sections of the soles and replace them with nothing but Air. So they tapped architect Tinker Hatfield for the job.
nike air max sale au come from a long line of Air Max iterations, the original (Air Max) of which was released in 1987 and intended as a running shoe.  Nike Air Max 97 sneakers are the brainchild of designer, Christian Tresser. They were actually inspired by a mountain bike’s metallic finishes, contrary to the popular notion that the shoe takes from Japan’s famous bullet trains. The shoes had hidden lacing systems which were a first for Nike and was quite a new technology at the time. When the sneakers were initially released in 1997, Nike Air Max 97 shoes had a love-hate relationship with the public, seeming to draw both admirers and critics. In fact, the shoes spent less than a year on shelves, quickly superseded by Air Max 98s. Despite the shoes’ divided audience in the US, Italian fans were quite the opposite. AM97 kicks became a phenomenon in Italy reportedly caused by the shoes being styled in the catwalk for the Armani and Dolce & Gabbana shows staged in 1998.
nike air vapormax sale Although other models from Nike’s collection got far more than their share of collaborations, Nike Air Max 97s did have a few. The first was with True of San Francisco which, in 1994, remade the Air Max 97 in neutral tones and added a speckled design to the sole. In the succeeding years, Air Max 97 kicks would also be remade by Shady records and Sony PlayStation, and a tribute would be released in honor of Japan’s Kashima Antler soccer team. By 2013, the hype was beginning to build up around Nike’s Air Max 97s again and in 2017, to celebrate the silhouette’s 20th anniversary, Nike issued a few collabs for the shoes which few designers wanted to touch before. AM97 iterations came out from collaborations with Virgil Abloh, Undefeated, Skepta, and more. They also released two OG colorways as well a few new ones.
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