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such a market environment
such a market environment
installation. The event is to enjoy the value of Haier, nature's dual-brand services, nature gold nanny hand in hand Haier brothers, truly "I love nature, in good faith forever."2012 is full competition of flooring companies, Glulam quickly seize the market year. Some of the cruelty that small businesses can not stand the competition has been to exit the flooring industry, there are many companies are still striding into the flooring industry.
Therefore, the flooring industry competition and integration has arrived. This year, the state has introduced a new state of eight, the restriction order policy. Policy pressure, making the pessimism of the property market is spreading, the property market sales step-by-step cooling channel curve, in addition to the market fuel, raw materials, labor wages steadily rising, so that production costs, multiple pressures directly affect the entire real
estate, home industry The development, thereby affecting its downstream industries - wood flooring industry. In addition, due to the US flooring anti-dumping, countervailing prosecution, many flooring companies have begun to export to domestic sales, therefore, in such a market environment, the domestic flooring market in 2012 unprecedented competition, in this situation, the flooring business is facing Wait and see, sit back and wait
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