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profits from the flooring industry - xiao1235 - 06-25-2018

profits from the flooring industry
new "Rhine Sunshine" series of products will be a high-end brand that reflects the corporate image. Myagazine: "Kronenheimer" and "Rhine Sunlight." Which "children" do you prefer? Peng Hongbin: "Knockingenwah" and "Rhine Sunshine" are the brands of German Keno Wood Group, but the positioning of the two brands is different. "Kenosenhua" brand is more like a "farmer mountain spring", superior quality guaranteed, very reasonable
and popular price, value for money. My goal for "Kenosenhua" is to do "Glanz" in the flooring industry. I want to use "Kronosinhua" to eliminate the huge profits from the flooring industry. The "Rhine Sunshine" is facing the high-end market "Yiyun mineral water", noble and inexpensive, value for money. Our preliminary plan is: In one and a half years, the Group’s sales of these two brands will be the second and third place in China; in three
years, China will be number one. Myagazine: Rebuilding a first brand in the same industry, but today's market is no longer the same year. Where does your confidence come from? Peng Hongbin: Yes. The current market will not succeed with a good idea. Now you have to work very hard to be successful, because the industry is very mature, the pace of product development is slow, the brand is very large, and the competition is fierce, so
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