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Question about storage container - JeremyLewis - 01-08-2019

My wife and I are looking to buy a small piece of property in the mountain view area in the next 2 years, with plans to have a small house there in the next 5 to 6 years.
What we would like to do is buy a small lot, and put either a storage container home or another type of prefabricated, or even a stick-build house not more than 400 SqFt. Our goal is to not have a mortgage or pay rent. We just want a more gentle pace of life and one where we aren't slaves to a large mortgage or rent payment.
We want to leave a gentle footprint on the land we will be living on. We also want to be as green as possible. 
But can anyone tell me are storage container homes legal? I am talking about a container with real windows and doors, plumbing, and solar electricity, and a fresh coat of paint, not living in a dirty rusted box with the cargo doors as the only opening.

Thanks for your feedback!