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Do you own your own business?
I have my own business especially in internet platform. I build digital agency with core services like social media management, search engine optimization, and web development.
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I don't do business. I was joined in one of online portals in Indonesia. It was amazing team I can implement my journalism background especially for online news portals. I think this is one of digital platform impact for increase news portals going online instead of make it like online video television.
Hallo, Im Jesa, I do my own business especially in blogging. I do blog over the years. I think we can earn money from blogging which the blog could give benefits for users. I use my own wifi at home, and if I go out there for business trip or event I use modem 4G for sure.
Jaringan 4G Internet Unlimited - Hadir di 200 kota Indonesia. 
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