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Invisible braces. Anyone know about it?
I hated getting braces as a kid. But there was no other solution but to get it. It wasn't as easy as nowadays. It hurt a lot while eating or talking during the initial days. I remember having blood in my mouth every morning. The inner soft skin of the lips gets cut after in contact with the braces. It was a nightmare. This is why I made sure my kids won't have to go through the same torture. Now the braces are safe and will cause absolutely no problem. There are a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing the type of braces, the material of braces and even there are options depending on the time. Most of us would choose time but will have to pay more money. Now, I took my daughters to the dentist in Kitchener to get orthodontic braces. I really preferred the ceramic braces which cannot be seen from outside. They call it invisible braces. Before I talk to the dentist, I wanna know if they are a good option. Anyone with experience please share.
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