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Is smile makeover really beneficial..!!
Often times I feel there was just too much gum and not enough teeth in my smile. Recent photographs prove this. I am planning to join a new college next month. This sincerely worries me a lot. You know this gummy smile make me feel self-conscious. My confidence to smile at new people is affecting now. I feel that I look awkward while smiling. People will make fun of me. I am honestly losing control and l have started pull back myself from hanging out with friends. I avoid them with some lame excuses while they calling me for a trip. I heard there are many techniques available for a smile makeover. If anyone could recommend a smile makeover dentist in Whitby, it would be undoubtedly helpful for me. Please do share your experience on smile makeover. I wanted to join my school on full confidence in my smile. I don't want to spoil those beautiful days thinking over this.
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