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Kitchen Remodeling, tips to go easy on pocket?
My parents own a beautiful house in Toronto and they have been living there for years together now. The wiring work of the house is as old as us and the kitchen is a bit dilapidated and that worries us. So we wanted to get the kitchen renovation done before it's too late. We would be able to spare more than 5000 dollars to get the work done. But we need an entire makeover from wiring till the installation of cabinets. We looked for prefabricated cabinets, but the colors don't go well with the antique flooring the home already has. So space has to be customized according to their needs. Going for wooden material can be hefty too, so what can be done as an alternative? Do we need to approach a contractor for a quote or the quote can be finalized first and then approaching a contractor would do better? Do the numbers in the quote are final or would extra costs be incurred?
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