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Need a comfortable doctor for Porcelain Dental Crown!!
Hi all,

I'm worried!
Last year I had an appointment with a doctor for undergoing a root canal. I'm that kind of person who is always scared of doctors. Especially, dentists. During the root canal procedure, I was not at all comfortable with the doctor as well as the atmosphere. But by gods grace, everything went on well. Since the last few weeks, I started experiencing some sought of pain on the same tooth which had undergone the root canal. My dentist has already warned me about this, that I will have to use porcelain crowns sooner.

This time I don't want to go to that same doctor, as I was not at all comfortable with them. A friend of mine suggested me porcelain crown procedure in Oakville. But I don't know how their service is. If anyone over here has had any previous experience with them, please do share your suggestions.
I'm eagerly waiting for your replies.
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