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Pelvic floor muscles dysfunction...
I hope you guys can help me make a decision. My uncle had met with an accident a year ago. And he has been through several major surgeries to fix his pelvic muscles and other injuries. By God's Grace, we could bring him back to our life.
Mentally he is perfect now, unfortunately physically he is still suffering. We don't know whether it is the after-effects of the surgeries. For the past month, he is suffering from Urinary Incontinence and urgency. He has been into a nearby clinic for pelvic floor physiotherapy The therapy was effective. During the period, he was able to do his daily life works on his own and was fully satisfied. After a particular period, he stopped it without the permission of the therapist. 
Ever since then the same issues started to arise again, he is literally desperate and depressed.
I really want to help him to overcome this, so please help me with this guys, should I recommend him to continue the same therapy or switch to any other treatments? If so, which treatment should I refer him? And it will be more helpful if you could suggest a clinic near Toronto. 
Thank you in advance for taking your time to read and possibly respond
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