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Smell coming up from the drains!!
Hi all,

We bought our house a year ago. When we use the washing machine, dishwasher, or master shower, the smell happens. Since the past year, this has been going on without figuring out the problem. We have had 3 plumbers to try and find the problem. No one knows. No one could find the source, just the horrible smell.

The only place from where the smell comes is my daughter's shower drain. Nowhere else. It's so bad that some nights she is forced to sleep in the living room. We open the bathroom window to get rid of the smell. Normally within 5 hours of finishing washing the smell is gone.

Can anyone suggest me with any plumbing services? While googling I came across a plumbing maintenance service provider in Toronto. Has anyone heard about them? If you have had previous experience with them feel free to share your experiences.
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