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confused about insurance
Hi Guys my name is Oliver, I am starting a  new venture, in Oshawa, and it is  called, Snow Tourism. SO my business model is simple, I will rent snowmobiles to tourists who comes to Canada for enjoying snow. My target population is the people from Asian countries, who might not have experienced snow before.  So to my question, what are the insurances that you think I should take as part of my business. As I said earlier, I would like to put my office is Oshawa, hence I searched for the various insurance brokerage services in Oshawa, I did get many leads, but before going ahead and talking to them about the various deals, it would be helpful if you guys could help me with understand the various insurance process required for starting a snowmobile renting company. I mean should I take the snowmobile insurance or should add on certain other insurance products such as auto fleet insurance, umbrella liability insurance, etc  to improve the overall coverage. I have heard of W.B. White Insurance, don't know, if they are good. do you have any suggestions guys. 
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