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A business like being in love, you have to put effort and time to make it work
Its the basic mindset/principal, what do you think?
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Of course if we had a business we must put much effort on it, unless just let the competitor take the opportunity. Like what I had these times, I used to work in home construction so I decided to focused on home roofing and then develop it.
Of course whatever the business is, we must put much effort to reach its goals and market target. I have a business especially in cargo import. As you know I have tried too much to develop my business well.
Need focus on a business, maybe similar like a buddha monks that focus on learning martial arts & have strong body
I think so, as what I have this now my business especially in marketing industries, payroll, and accounting services.
well I agree with that.
like the frozen food business I run. when my appliances, like chest freezers, were damaged, it caused me a lot of financial losses.
but because I do business with love, so I keep fighting to keep my business healthy.
My business, frozen food, need high quality chest freezer with cheap price
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